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  • Modern Methods in Plant Systematics
  • Modern Methods in Plant Systematics

    Basic info

    Professor: Helena Cotrim and Filipa Monteiro

    Responsible: Helena Cotrim (hmcotrim@fc.ul.pt)

    Duration: 5 days

    Period: October 30-November 3, 2017

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    Learning objectives

    The course aims to make practical activities useful to:

    • Recognize the contribution of different fields for Plant Systematics
    • Discriminate basic molecular tools for plant phylogeny and population genetics: sequencing, AFLPs, microsatellites SNPs and other molecular markers.
    • Report basic criteria on how to choose molecular techniques to study diversity
    • Understand the principles of DNA barcode of Life and identify plant DNA barcodes


    • Credit 1: Laboratory practice on basic molecular tools for plant phylogeny and population genetics (DNA quantification, PCR and different type of molecular markers)
    • Credit 2: Laboratory practice on Sanger Sequencing, and its use for systematic studies (plastid and nuclear regions), from PCR to sequence edition and analysis.
    • Credit 3: Analysis of different type of molecular data used for population genetics AFLP, Microsatellites, RAD sequencing.
    • Credit 4: Plant DNA barcode and its applications. DNA barcode, repositories and database searching.
    • Credit 5: Next generation sequencing technologies and their applications in plant systematics and evolution