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  • Plant Management: Botanic Garden
  • Plant Management: Botanic Garden

    Basic info

    Professor: Ognyan Iliev

    Responsible: Ognyan Iliev (sugarden@mnet.bg)

    Duration: 5 days

    Period: May 15-19, 2017

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    Learning objectives

    The training will be focussed on practical activities related with the: methods for the collecting, storage and cultivating of rare and endangered species; conservation of autochthonic endangered species on the territory of the Botanic garden; breeding, reproduction and exposure of species with conservation significance and with decorative quality/capacity; general garden care – horticultural methodology.


    • Credit 1: Seed collecting, seed preparation, seed drying, storage and documentation. Index Seminum.
    • Credit 2: Creating, maintenance and documentation of threatened, medical and aromatic species. Ex-situ conservation.
    • Credit 3: General Botanical Garden care: plants propagation and vegetative propagation with cuttings – practical aspects of taking cuttings; preparing of different types of soil mixtures; planting and replacement of different plant species.
    • Credit 4: General Botanical Garden care: labelling, irrigation, detailed pest control, pruning, annual seasonal planting, hand weeding.