Program Overview Detailed Program

Detailed Program

8:30-8:45Conference Opening
by Jim Cordy & Tom Dean - Rocco Oliveto & Denys Poshyvanyk
8:45-10:15Program Transformation and Refactoring
Session Chair: Tom Dean
Andrew Bernat and Barton Miller.
Structured Binary Editing with a CFG Transformation Algebra
Marco Trudel, Carlo Alberto Furia, Martin Nordio, Bertrand Meyer and Manuel Oriol.
C to O-O Translation: Beyond the Easy Stuff
Frens Vonken and Andy Zaidman.
Refactoring with Unit Testing: A Match Made in Heaven?
10:45-12:15Binary Analysis
Session Chair: Hausi Muller
Joel Ossher, Hitesh Sajnani and Cristina Lopes.
Astra: Bottom-up Construction of Structured Artifact Repositories
Lukáš Ďurfina, Jakub Kroustek, Petr Zemek and Břetislav Kábele.
Detection and Recovery of Functions and Their Arguments in a Retargetable Decompiler
Johannes Kinder.
Towards Static Analysis of Virtualization-Obfuscated Binaries
Andrea Capiluppi, Paolo Falcarin and Cornelia Boldyreff.
Code Defactoring: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Java Obfuscations
10:45-12:15Doctoral Symposium
Session Chairs: Max Di Penta & Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc
1:15-2:45Program Comprehension
Session Chair: Anthony Cleve
Dan Han, Chenlei Zhang, Xiaochao Fan, Abram Hindle, Kenny Wong and Eleni Stroulia.
Understanding Android Fragmentation with Topic Analysis of Vendor-Specific Bugs
Daniela Steidl, Benjamin Hummel and Elmar Juergens.
Using Network Analysis for Recommendation of Central Software Classes
Latifa Guerrouj, Philippe Galinier, Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc, Giuliano Antoniol and Massimiliano Di Penta.
TRIS: a Fast and Accurate Identifiers Splitting and Expansion Algorithm
Janardan Misra, Annervaz K M, Vikrant Kaulgud, Shubhashis Sengupta and Gary Titus.
Software Clustering: Unifying Syntactic and Semantic Features
3:15-4:45Concept and Feature Location
Session Chair: Scott Grant
Steven Davies, Marc Roper and Murray Wood.
Using bug report similarity to enhance bug localisation
Soumaya Medini, Giuliano Antoniol, Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc, Massimiliano Di Penta and Paolo Tonella.
SCAN: an Approach to Label and Relate Execution Trace Segments
Yinxing Xue, Zhenchang Xing and Stan Jarzabek.
Feature Location in a Collection of Product Variants
Celal Ziftci and Ingolf Krueger.
Feature Location Using Data Mining On Existing Test-Cases

Session Chair: Jim Cordy

Prof. Hausi Muller:
Software Engineering for a Smarter Planet Situation-Aware Applications
10:45-12:15Dynamic Analysis
Session Chair: Wahab Hamou-Lhadj
Kunihiro Noda, Takashi Kobayashi and Kiyoshi Agusa.
Execution Trace Abstraction based on Meta Patterns Usage
Mona Erfani Joorabchi and Ali Mesbah.
Reverse Engineering iOS Mobile Applications
Anushri Jana and Ravindra Naik.
Precise Detection of Un-initialized Variables Using Dynamic Analysis - Extending to Aggregate and Vector types
Tiago Espinha, Andy Zaidman and Hans-Gerhard Gross.
Understanding the Runtime Topology of SOA Systems
10:45-12:15Industrial Track
Session Chairs: Brian P. Robinson & Mark Grechanik
Oscar Chaparro, Jairo Aponte, Fernando Ortega and Andrian Marcus.
Towards the Automatic Extraction of Structural Business Rules from Legacy Databases
1:15-2:45Defect management
Session Chair: Rainer Koschke
Ferdian Thung, David Lo and Lingxiao Jiang.
Automatic Defect Categorization
Yuan Tian, David Lo and Chengnian Sun.
Information Retrieval Based Nearest Neighbor Classification for Fine-Grained Bug Severity Prediction
Feng Zhang, Foutse Khomh, Ying Zou and Ahmed E. Hassan.
An Empirical Study on Factors Impacting Bug Fixing Time
Surafel Lemma Abebe, Venera Arnaoudova, Paolo Tonella, Giuliano Antoniol and Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc.
Can Lexicon Bad Smells improve fault prediction?
1:15-2:45International Workshop on The Law and Reverse Engineering
Session Chair: Mark Grechanik
François Gauthier and Ettore Merlo.
Fast Detection of Access Control Vulnerabilities in PHP Applications
João Brunet, Roberto A. Bittencourt, Dalton Dario Serey Guerrero and Jorge Figueiredo.
On the Evolutionary Nature of Architectural Violations
Radu Vanciu and Marwan Abi-Antoun.
Ownership Object Graphs with Dataflow Edges
Simon Allier, Nicolas Anquetil, Andre Hora and Stéphane Ducasse.
A Framework to Compare Alert Ranking Algorithms
3:15-4:45International Workshop on The Law and Reverse Engineering
6:30WCRE Banquet

9:00-10:15Industrial Keynote
Session Chair: Tom Dean

Yuan Xiang Gu:
Software Protection and Reverse Engineering
10:45-12:15Reverse Engineering - I
Session Chair: Foutse Khomh
Cédric Teyton, Jean-Rémy Falleri and Xavier Blanc.
Mining Library Migration Graphs
Anthony Cleve and Jean-Luc Hainaut.
What do Foreign Keys Actually Mean?
Natalia Negara and Eleni Stroulia.
Automated Acceptance Testing of JavaScript Web Applications
Makoto Ichii, Tomoyuki Myojin, Yuichiro Nakagawa, Masaki Chikahisa and Hideto Ogawa.
A Rule-based Automated Approach for Extracting Models from Source Code
10:45-12:15Tool Demos
Session Chairs: Chanchal Roy & David Lo
1:15-2:45Reverse Engineering - II
Session Chair: Jonathan Maletic
Thierry Lavoie, Foutse Khomh, Ettore Merlo and Ying Zou.
Inferring Repository File Structure Modifications Using Nearest-Neighbour Clone Detection
Jean Marie Favre, Ralf Laemmel, Martin Leinberger, Thomas Schmorleiz and Andrei Varanovich.
Annotating a multi-language and multi-technology software chrestomathy
Ghizlane El Boussaidi, Alvine Boaye Belle, Stéphane Vaucher and Hafedh Mili.
Reconstructing Architectural Views from Legacy Systems
1:15-2:452nd Workshop on Mining Unstructured Data
3:15-4:45Empirical Studies
Session Chair: Ahmed Hassan
Armijn Hemel and Rainer Koschke.
Reverse Engineering Variability in Source Code Using Clone   Detection:
A Case Study for Linux Variants of Consumer Electronic Devices
Nariman Ammar and Marwan Abi-Antoun.
Empirical Evaluation of Diagrams of the Run-time Structure for Coding Tasks
Saleh Alnaeli, Abdulkareem Alali and Jonathan Maletic.
Empirically Examining the Parallelizability of Open Source Software Systems
Tomoya Ishihara, Keisuke Hotta, Yoshiki Higo, Hiroshi Igaki and Shinji Kusumoto.
Inter-Project Functional Clone Detection toward Building Libraries - An Empirical Study on 13,000 Projects
3:15-4:452nd Workshop on Mining Unstructured Data

9:00-10:15Most Influential Paper award
Session Chairs: Rocco Oliveto & Denys Poshyvanyk
10:45-12:15Program analysis and slicing
Session Chair: Ralf Laemmel
Chon Ju Kim and Phyllis Frankl.
AQUA: Android QUery Analyzer
Farouq Al-Omari, Iman Keivanloo, Chanchal K. Roy and Juergen Rilling.
Detecting Clones across Microsoft .NET Programming Languages
Dawei Qi, William Sumner, Feng Qin, Mai Zheng, Xiangyu Zhang and Abhik Roychoudhury.
Modeling Software Execution Environment
Hakam Alomari, Michael Collard and Jonathan Maletic.
A Very Efficient and Scalable Forward Static Slicing Approach
1:15-2:45Software Quality
Session Chair: Andy Zaidman
Daniele Romano, Paulius Raila, Martin Pinzger and Foutse Khomh.
Analyzing the Impact of Antipatterns on Change-Proneness Using Fine-Grained Source Code Changes
Olga Baysal, Oleksii Kononenko, Reid Holmes and Mike Godfrey.
The Secret Life of Patches: A Firefox Case Study
Feng Zhang, Foutse Khomh, Ying Zou and Ahmed E. Hassan.
An Empirical Study of the Effect of File Editing Patterns on Software Quality
Abdou Maiga, Nasir Ali, Neelesh Bhattacharya, Aminata Sabane, Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc, and Esma Aimeur.
SMURF: A SVM-based, Incremental Anti-pattern Detection Approach
3:15-4:45Open Steering Committee Meeting

WCRE 2012 – 19th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering