Post-Conference Activities

Please note that these activities are private events not officially associated with WCRE

Hike in Frontenac Provincial Park

Day: Friday Oct 19th 2012

More information here.
Contact Leon Moonen

Tour of the Prince Edward County wine region

Day: Friday Oct 19th 2012

If there is interest, I can arrange for some of us to spend the day on Friday, October 19 touring the wine region of Prince Edward, about one hour to the west of Kingston. We could do a full day trip in the fall colours, ending with a dinner in the County.
Contact Jim Cordy

Fort Fright

Day: Wednesday Oct 17th 2012

If there is interest, some of us may want to visit the Fort Fright Festival of Fear on Wedneday evening, October 17. Fort Fright is a fun Hallowe'en event that turns historical old Fort Henry into a scary place for a few weeks. Originally for kids, but now fun for adults too!
Contact Jim Cordy

WCRE 2012 – 19th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering